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Job Creation in the U.S.

Finding qualified personnel is one of the most important factors when selecting the ideal location for a subsidiary in the United States.  CASE economic development experts will strongly recommend that you research this subject well and take professional advice from a labor attorney and/or a HR consultant. This will allow you to understand and appreciate the differences to your home countries employment and labor culture.

As to recommendations for legal assistance, the states where you have a preference in setting up an operation can help you with referrals. With regard to labor costs, CASE members will give you detailed salary data matching your requirements in recommended regions and communities.

Additionally, most states offer workforce training assistance in the form of apprenticeships, continuing education, skill-up programs, employee training incentivisation and more. Creating Jobs in the U.S. by developing and maintaining a skilled labor pool is top of mind for many states, who have put time and resources into building valuable relationships with technical colleges, state and federal labor entities, and the private sector to educate their population and steer them to in-demand employment fields.

We would invite you to visit the following key websites:

U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration: www.doleta.govwww.salary.com
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: www.bls.gov

More relevant Websites about Job Creation in the U.S.

The Employer Associations of America, describes itself as The National Network for local Workplace Solutions and offers links to state/regional/local member organizations across the U.S.A.  Surveys on compensation for executives, wage and salaries, policies and benefits can be purchased:

To learn what is of concern to employees, you may wish to visit the homepage of America’s Unions.
You will learn about what unions do and how a union can be formed in your U.S. subsidiary:

Any Questions about HR and Job Creation in the U.S.?

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