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Our partners will be happy to assist you with Legal Support and Accounting, Tax & Consulting:
Thorelli & Associates: Legal Solutions

Legal Solutions

Thorelli & Associates offers over twenty years of experience in the legal representation of businesses and individuals with particular emphasis in assisting foreign interests in the United States.

Accounting, Tax & Consulting

International Management Solutions (IMS) is an accounting and consulting firm dedicated to assisting European companies in establishing and growing their businesses in the United States.

The U.S. Legal System

The legal system in the United States can appear overwhelming at first glance principally because each state has its own unique set of laws, regulations, and administrative procedures.

A licensed attorney can help you effectively navigate the system and is an essential part of any plan to establish a presence in the U.S.

Finding an attorney with experience in helping international companies establish businesses in United States is ideal, and most firms who have an economic development practice can also provide assistance with immigration, tax, permitting, organization structure, incorporation, and a host of other important legal issues. Most state departments of commerce can offer you a list of firms and attorneys with whom they have worked in the past. However, because the attorney you choose will be an integral part of your US-based team, it is important to sit down with him/ her to go over your business plan before making a final decision regarding who will handle your legal work.

Legal Aspects: Investing and Doing Business in the United States

Many qualified law firms and solo practitioners offer general guides on how to do business in the United States from a legal perspective. The attached document is just one of many that are published. The use of the attached document is in no way an endorsement by The Council of American States in Europe (CASE), its functionaries or its member states. Moreover, CASE assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the persons or firm associated with the document. 

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