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Region: Southeastern Region

Capital City: Jackson

State Governor: Tate Reeves

Principal Cities: Gulfport, Southaven, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Olive Branch, Tupelo, Meridian

Why you should consider starting a Business in Mississippi

Message from Chris Engels, Director, Mississippi Development Authority - International Trade and Investment Office

"The Mississippi Development Authority invites you to come see for yourself why so many European companies locate their business in Mississippi. Perhaps it’s because our business climate is as hospitable as the people who call Mississippi home. Maybe it’s the “no red tape” way of doing business or the extremely low operating costs that are so attractive to some of the world’s biggest industry leaders. The reasons are abundant, and they all lead to one crystal-clear conclusion: Mississippi is a great place for business.

At MDA, our dedicated team is committed to growing communities through economic development and global investment. We are committed to generating quality jobs for our strong workforce, which always takes great pride in a job well done and strives to ensure companies’ long-term success in Mississippi. As the way we do business evolves, so do our workforce training initiatives. Mississippi takes a proactive approach to developing a top-notch workforce to take on the high-tech jobs of the future. Some of the most technologically advanced products in the world are produced in Mississippi – automobiles, rockets and warships, for example – and the Mississippi team is excited to get to work for you.

We look forward to supporting your growth as you pursue new opportunities in the United States, and I look forward to hearing from you soon so I can share with you the many advantages of a Mississippi business location."

Mississippi Development Authority

International Trade and Investment Office:

The Mississippi Development Authority, the state’s lead economic development organization, works with international companies and arms them with the information and resources necessary to make sound business decisions. Major international companies like Nissan, Toyota, Continental Tire and Airbus call Mississippi home and for good reason – the state’s low cost of doing business, gigabit internet, highly trained workforce, integrated transportation network and efficient regulatory environment help businesses stay competitive with low overhead costs. With 76 publicly owned and four privately owned airports, six interstate highways covering 698 miles and 800 miles of commercially navigable waterways, including the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, traversing the state is a breeze. Additionally, companies starting an LLC in Mississippi have access to talent from eight universities, 15 community colleges and a research consortium composed of four universities, creating an ecosystem where they are positioned for success now and well into the future.

Top Industries for starting an LLC in Mississippi

Mississippi is widely known as a strong manufacturing state in the U.S., and Mississippians, known for their innovative spirit, are consistently making advancements in the sector – from automobiles to rockets – ensuring Mississippi’s manufacturers maintain their competitive edge and achieve lasting success in the state. FDI companies in this sector include: ABB, Eaton Corporation, ROCKWOOL, Siemens, Sofidel, Soprema

Mississippi offers a robust portfolio of resources and advantages, such as the Aerospace Initiative Incentives Program and our proximity to major military installations, to help industry leaders in this vital sector soar above and beyond the competition. FDI companies in this sector include: Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Stark Aerospace (IAI)

Agriculture, food and beverage are long-standing industries in Mississippi, and the state is a top 20 producer for 15 agricultural commodities. The state’s exceptionally fertile soil offers an ideal location to grow crops – and grow your business in Mississippi. Thanks to Mississippi’s robust highway system, comprehensive logistics network and low cost of doing business, agricultural companies flourish in the Magnolia State. FDI companies in this sector include: Ajinomoto Foods, Calbee

Mississippi has been a key player in the automobile manufacturing industry since Nissan established its 3.5 million-square-foot assembly plant in Canton in 2003. Since then, Toyota and PACCAR have also established plants in Mississippi, along with a host of automobile suppliers. Mississippi is home to three of the nation’s largest tire makers, Continental Tire, Yokohama Tire and Cooper Tire. FDI companies in this sector include: Continental, FEUER Powertrain, hago Automotive, Grammer, Nissan, Toyota

The Gulf of Mexico, which borders Mississippi to the south, and the Mississippi River, which borders Mississippi to the west, have provided the state with an abundance of aquatic resources for more than two centuries. Initiatives like the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory at the University of Southern Mississippi look at sustainable coastal and marine resources, development of new marine technologies and help to educate future scientists and citizens, while the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality assists businesses as they navigate the permit and compliance processes. Companies in this sector with a presence in Mississippi include: Ocean Aero, Seemann Composites, Halter Marine

Mississippi is at the center of everything, located “halfway to everywhere” in the U.S. Situated in the middle of the Southeast, Mississippi keeps products moving via a comprehensive multimodal network of rail, port and air. And with a robust highway system divided into four lanes — including six interstates and 14 federal highways — businesses transport freight with ease. FDI companies in this sector include: Asics, Fiskars, IG Design Group, MAHLE, Sephora, Volvo,

Mississippi’s unparalleled access to water and timber makes it the perfect location for businesses in the forest, energy and chemicals industries. Additionally, coal and biomass are readily available, and the state has more than 13,000 miles of interstate pipeline transporting an abundance of crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products. Mississippi also is committed to reducing the world’s dependence on natural resources. The state and its utility partners are at the forefront of the energy economy and are incorporating renewable energy, such as solar energy, into the various energy options available throughout Mississippi. FDI companies in this sector include: DAK, Resolute Forest Products, SABIC

Mississippi State Demographics

2.96 % million
Population (2020)
1.28 % million
Labor Force (2020)
$ 10.3 billion
Exports (2020)
$ 505 million
Public Universities R&D Spending (2020)
$ 1.72 billion
Top Exports:

Petroleum Oils, Oils from Bituminous Materials (2020)

Competitive Advantages you’ll have when starting an LLC in Mississippi

Efficient regulatory environment

Strategic logistics comprised of rivers, ocean, rail and air

Abundance of natural resources

Collaborative ecosystem that has led to innovations in all sectors

Cost of living nearly 20% below national average

One of lowest corporate tax rates in the U.S. at 5%

Strong portfolio of statutory and discretionary incentives

Customized workforce training programs to meet businesses’ unique needs

Highly skilled and productive workforce

Mighty Mississippi Logo

Global companies from 26 countries

including Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan and Canada, have operations in Mississippi. There are more than 200 facilities owned by 150 international companies that have invested in the state and employ more than 30,000 Mississippians.

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Contact Information for starting an LLC in Mississippi

Mississippi is committed to competing on a global scale for investment and jobs. We welcome the opportunity to work with your company on a confidential and cost-free basis to evaluate options for establishing a new business location in Mississippi. Please contact one of Mississippi’s international representatives below to learn more:

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