Region: Midwest

Capital City: Jefferson City

State Governor: Mike Parson

Principal Cities: St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, St. Joseph

Welcome to Missouri - where your Business will thrive

Capture Your Missouri Adventure

There are dozens of ways to enjoy outdoor experiences in Missouri. Ride equestrian trails on horseback or use horsepower of another kind at an off-road park. Water ski, wakeboard and swim on the Show-Me State’s lakes and take relaxing canoe rides down one of its crystal-clear streams. Find fun underground when you explore Missouri’s caves and take it to the next level when you zip through the treetops on a canopy excursion. It’s time to let your adventurous spirit wander through Missouri.

Why invest in Missouri's Economy?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a top business expansion location for your company. And when you look at those factors, Missouri ranks at the top:

  • You want to be where unmatched innovation is happening! It doesn’t matter what your business model looks like, or what products or services you offer – if you have a great idea and you’re passionate about growing your business in a community designed to foster that enthusiasm, you can’t go wrong in one of Missouri’s innovative and entrepreneurial communities.
  • Success in any industry is all about the company you keep. In Missouri’s many innovation communities, you’ll find the collaborative, forward-thinking spirit that small businesses and large corporations alike thrive on. Our job isn’t to take what you have at your existing site, and transplant it exactly as is to Missouri.
  • Home to many certified work ready communities, Missouri employees are hard-working, conscientious, engaged in workforce training opportunities, and display adaptability to technology and workforce evolution.
  • Additionally, Missouri’s competitive cost of living and vibrant culture enables employers to provide employees with a high quality of life at a lower cost than almost anywhere in the U.S. With so much to offer in this State of Champions, it’s hard to think of a reason why Missouri isn’t the right place to grow your business.
  • There are so many factors that go into making your company unique and you need to make sure the training solutions available are tailored to meet your expectations and business goals. Missouri is now leading the U.S. in how we support your workforce development. Through a one-stop shop approach, Missouri delivers fully customized workforce talent acquisition and training to give you a competitive advantage.


  • Missouri provides you with a solid business expansion foundation. In Missouri, taxes and business costs don’t eat up all of your company’s profits. With only income earned in Missouri being taxed, you’ll receive a critical advantage for your business. Starting January 1, 2020, Missouri’s corporate income tax rate dropped to 4 percent, making us one of the most tax-friendly states in the U.S.
  • Corporate benefits like low business and labor costs, customized training programs through Missouri One Start, reliable and inexpensive energy, aggressive and performance-based incentives and a statewide commitment to attracting companies and investment, make Missouri a place where your company can come to grow and thrive.
  • Missouri is a booming epicenter of commerce; you can send your goods or products anywhere they need to go via our international airports, extensive river barge, or any of the United States Class 1 railroads. Additionally, Missouri allows you to reach more than half of the continental US in less than a day’s drive, with most other states reachable in less than two. With a total of 33,873 highway miles in Missouri, you’ll be able to get where you need to, when you need to.
  • You can fly nonstop to more than 70 destinations across North America from our two international airports or one of our many regional airports. A good location can mean everything, whether you’re a small business or a large organization.
  • The Midwest is more than just that region in the middle of the US with all the corn (although there’s definitely corn). It offers everything you could be possibly need to grow your business—booming with rural and metropolitan culture, Missouri benefits from being home to a broad variety of industry-leading companies across several sectors.
  • Centrally located in the dynamic Midwest, Missouri is a microcosm of everything that makes our country one of the best places to live in the world. Between the low cost of living, magnificent natural environment, and rich history and culture, there’s plenty of reasons you’ll fall in love with the Show-Me state.
  • Home to 91 state parks and historic sites, Missouri offers nearly 160,000 combined acres of beautiful outdoor spaces. Our parks offer a wide range of activities to satisfy the nature lover in you. Whether you’re a day hiker or looking to camp out for the weekend, you’ll find everything you’re looking for right here in Missouri. We’re also home to many scenic streams and riverways throughout the state, including the two largest rivers in North America: the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. Boasting more than 1,100 miles of coastline (200 miles more than the Pacific coastline of California), you won’t find a more breathtaking place to visit – or better yet, to live in.
  • Nationally recognized symphonies, historic formal gardens, renowned art galleries, and live theater offerings cut a wide artistic arc across Missouri. Missouri has a proud and vibrant history that is carefully preserved in numerous museums and historic sites. Missouri is full of both urban and rural culture. The industrialized cities of St. Louis and Kansas City are home to large populations of talented workers and culturally-active citizens.
  • When it comes to the success of your business expansion, the level of care and consultation you’re provided is crucial. In Missouri, we reduce your expansion risk through first-class support and customized business solutions.
  • We know that you can’t possibly know the lay of the land when you’re new to the area; that’s why all of our services are geared toward getting you the information, resources, and support you need. Our services include: Custom-tailored site selection, Tax credit navigation and consultation, Introduction to pertinent figures, whether it’s local business owners, elected officials, or community members, Talent pool identification and analysis,Customized workforce training programs to meet your specific business needs, Market navigation assistance, including access to actionable data you need to identify pain points, areas of growth, and more.
  • Selecting a certified site reduces the risk associated with the development of particular sites by providing upfront and consistent information. Additionally, Missouri’s 50+ years of a AAA bond rating is representative of our solid financial acumen and stable financial foundations.
  • When you move to Missouri, the State of Champions, you’re immediately operating in a community replete with world-class businesses across several different industries. From global leaders in agtech such as Bayer Crop Science and the Danforth Plant Science Center, to advanced manufacturing leaders including Boeing, Ford, and GM, to financial services powerhouses Wells Fargo Advisors and H&R Block, industry-leading companies know that Missouri is the perfect place to grow their business.
  • Companies headquartered in Missouri know that they’re in the best location to break through to new markets, expand their customer base, and collaborate with industry-leading partners. Whether they’ve laid their foundation in bustling urban environments like St. Louis, Springfield or Kansas City, or more rural areas just beyond the city limits, they know that the Midwest is a logical next step for business expansion or relocation.
  • With so many customized incentives available for businesses looking to expand or relocate to our great state, you’ll always be in the best situation for your unique needs. Whether you want to onboard new personnel for your team, acclimate to a new market, or learn more about customized workforce training programs and incentives – we’re confident that we can help you with starting an LLC in Missouri.

State Demographics - Missouri’s Economy

6.18 % million
Population (2022)
3.8 % million
Labor Force (2020)
# 14
in Fiscal Stability
$ 328 billion
GSP (2020)
2.7 % %
Unemployment Rate
# 23
Economy in the US
1.3 % %
Growth Rate (2014-2020)
$ 1.16 billion
- 30 %
Median Home Value

Compared to National Average

35 %
State Growth Rank
$ 2.05 billion
Top 10
Lowest Cost of Living

Contact Information for your Business in Missouri

Ms. Nell Poehlman,
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International Trade & Investment Office

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60327  Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Mr. Mario Monsreal
European Director,
International Office

Missouri Department of Economic Development

International Trade & Investment Office

Westhafenplatz 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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