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Region: Midwest

Capital City: Columbus

State Governor: Mike DeWine

Principal Cities: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo

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Invest in Ohio. Find Opportunity Here.

There’s a place in the eastern region of the U.S., just below the Great Lakes with cities, natural resources and possibility. That place is Ohio. Ohio ranks among the world’s largest economies – rich with resources, technology, education, globally recognized companies and skilled Ohioans with a strong work ethic. From the very beginning, people have been the heartbeat of the state. Join us in transforming big ideas into reality.

JobsOhio is Ohio’s private economic development corporation and as such it focuses on business attraction, expansion, and retention in the state.

JobsOhio focuses on 10 private economic sectors and utilizes four strategies to drive economic development: Sites, Talent, Innovation, and Inclusion. In its first decade of existence, JobsOhio and its partners completed over 500 international projects involving $10B in capital invested and 30,000+ jobs.

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Key Industries for starting an LLC in Ohio


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Aerospace and Aviation

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Logistics and Distribution

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Advanced Manufacturing

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Autonomous Mobility 

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Energy and Chemicals 

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Food and Agribusiness

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Financial Services

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There’s a place that offers the promise of growth, success and a very bright future.

That place is Ohio.

Ohio’s Economy - State Statistics

11.7 % million
3 %
Innovation districts
# 7
largest economy in the US
10 %
Foreign Trade Zones – largest presence in the Midwest
# 3
largest manufacturing workforce
175 % thousand
students graduate from Ohio's higher education institutions annually
50 % +
Fortune 1000 companies
4 %
Ohio universities rank in top 100 in the world for patents issued in the U.S. for new inventions
Ohio's Business Climate
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Daniel Dozier
Business Development Consultant, France

+33 6 5224 8518

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