Region: Southeastern Region

Capital City: Richmond

State Governor: Glenn Youngkin

Principal Cities: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Arlington, Norfolk, Richmond, Newport News and Alexandria

Why Invest in Virginia?

Competing in today’s global markets is challenging.  Your business location should not be. The northernmost right-to-work state on the East Coast, Virginia is consistently ranked as a top state for business in the U.S. Many leading companies are already benefiting from Virginia’s business advantages such as the stability of the taxation structure and exceptional quality of life.  We invite you to take a closer look and start an LLC in Virginia.

Talent Advantage

America’s Top State for Talent. Virginia’s premier talent base makes for a world-class labor pool ready to meet business needs in all key employee profiles. Across industries, Virginia’s workforce is one of the most productive and educated populations in the country – nearly 40% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher, making the Commonwealth the sixth most educated state in the country (and first in the South).

Unparalleled Livability

Virginia’s diversity and natural beauty are simply unparalleled. With access to a variety of outdoor amenities both in cities and picturesque small towns as well as thriving urban centers alive with arts and culture, Virginians throughout the Commonwealth have a vibrant quality of life.

Advantageous Location and Infrastructure

Virginia’s central East Coast location and advanced infrastructure enable companies to get products to market quickly. Strategically located on the U.S. East Coast and adjacent to Washington, D.C., Virginia’s integrated transportation system of highways (2nd densest interstate system in the southeast), railroads, airports, and seaports (Virginia port is the Deepest & widest East Coast Port) provide logistical advantages for companies starting their LLC in Virginia in every industry.

Business Climate Advantage

Ranked as America’s Top State for Business by CNBC, Virginia offers the right environment for business success. Since 1972, the Commonwealth has had a stable 6% corporate income tax, lower than the national median of 6.5%. Virginia has also maintained a AAA rating since 1938, longer than any other state.

State Demographics - Virginia’s Economy

8.5 % million
Population (2019)
6.4 % %
Latest Unemployment Rate (2020)
$ 551 billion
GDP (2020)
4 % %
Unionization rate (2020)
$ 18.4 billion
Exports (2018)
63362 %
Per capita personal income
4.4 % million
Labor Force (2020)

Key Industries for your Business in Virginia

Corporate Services

Virginia’s depth of talent, top ranking as a place to do business, and exceptional livability, make it a location of choice for companies’ corporate services functions. There are 39 Fortune 1000 companies with headquarters in Virginia.

Food & Beverage Processing

A central location on the East Coast with convenient access to major population centers via a well-developed network of interstates makes Virginia a logical choice for food and beverage processors.

Information Technology

Virginia stands ready to push new boundaries as a U.S. leader in information technology. Already at the forefront of emerging sectors like cloud computing and cybersecurity, Virginia is committed to technology and innovation. Virginia is the leading data center market in the U.S. and has the highest concentration of tech workers in the nation. 

Life Sciences

Virginia is home to many federal labs, with 11 federally funded R&D Centers and 23 FLC Laboratories and internationally recognized R&D facilities such as SRI International and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Located in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic’s booming life sciences cluster, Virginia gives companies access to key federal agencies and policy decision-makers.


Virginia’s strategic East Coast location connects companies to the U.S. and the world with exceptional road, rail, and port infrastructure, making it a desirable location for manufacturers. Virginia’s robust manufacturing sector spans a wide variety of products – from craft beer and snack cakes to steel beams and wood flooring, to semiconductors and rocket engines. The main industries are advanced materials, automotive, aerospace and wood products.

Offshore Wind

With a location at the center of the East Coast, the highest concentration of skilled talent in the South, world-class port infrastructure, and a competitive cost of doing business, Virginia is positioned to be a leader in the U.S. offshore wind supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

Home to the 3rd-largest port on the East Coast, Virginia serves as a world-class transportation and logistics hub. Access to 47% of the U.S. population is available within a one-day drive through an advanced road and rail network, offering distributers close proximity to customers.

Unmanned Systems

Virginia’s collection of assets related to unmanned systems in the air, on land, or at sea the uniquely positions the Commonwealth to serve as a leader in this emerging industry. Home to the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP), one of six FAA-designated UAS test sites, and two NASA facilities focusing on UAS research, Langley Research Center and Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia is poised as a frontrunner in this promising disruptive technology industry to expand unmanned systems manufacturing and testing.

CASE Studies of Companies that successfully started a Business in Virginia

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