New Jersey


Region: Northeast Region

Capital City: Trenton

State Governor: Phil Murphy

Principal Cities: Newark, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Princeton, Camden, Atlantic City

Top 5 Reasons to choose New Jersey for starting a Business



New Jersey offers a strategic location in the middle of Boston – New York City – Washington, D.C. corridor with 56.5 million residents and 3.75 trillion USD in economic output. Northern New Jersey is a 20-minute train ride from New York City. 

Global Connectivity

New Jersey is home to the Port of New York and New Jersey – the busiest port for imports in North America. We make it easy to move products across the country or around the world. Newark Liberty International Airport and other nearby airports offer daily non-stop flights to over ~600 destinations.  


Residing in New Jersey’s waters, the Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of our immigrant past and present. New Jersey is proudly home to the second-largest population of foreign-born residents in the nation. Jersey City is ranked the #1 most culturally diverse U.S. city. 

Education & Workforce

Forty two percent of New Jersey residents graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree or higher. New Jersey also boasts the highest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile in the United States. New Jersey was ranked the #1 state for educating students at every level in 2021.  



New Jersey’s extensive highway access allows businesses to serve more than 38 million consumers within a two-hour drive. New Jersey has the largest statewide mass transit system for trains and buses in the U.S. 

State Demographics - New Jersey’s Economy

9.23 % million
Population (2020)
# 1
Concentration of Scientists & Engineers
$ 649 billion
GDP (2021)
# 1
Regional Airport System
2.9 %
US GDP (2021)
# 1
Public School System
4.09 % million
Workforce (2021)
# 1
Best State To Live

Key Industries for creating an LLC in NJ

Media & Film

Clean Energy

Food & Beverage

Financial Services


Biotech & Life Sciences


Advanced Manufacturing

What we can do to help you start a Business in NJ as foreign Corporation
- About Choose New Jersey

Founded in 2010, Choose New Jersey is a privately funded nonprofit economic development organization headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Our mission is to stimulate job creation and attract capital investment to New Jersey. We market New Jersey both domestically and internationally as the best place to grow your business. Choose New Jersey opened the New Jersey Europe Center (NJEC) and New Jersey India Center (NJIC) to serve as the first point of contact for European and Indian companies seeking opportunities for expansion in North America. 

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff, supported by a network of State agencies and private partners, provide free, confidential assistance to guide companies in establishing a business in New Jersey. Choose New Jersey’s services include: 

Market Intelligence

We help companies see their potential in New Jersey with customized Request For Information (RFI) responses and detailed market assessment services. We present businesses with state and regional labor market data, demographics, – tax information, transportation and industry profiles.

Site Selection Assistance
State Resources Information
Introductions to Public and Private Partners
Public Relations Support

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