Polish Press Glass Marks Historic $155.2 m Virginia Leap, Powers U.S. Growth with 335 Jobs

Press Glass, Europe’s premier independent glass fabricator, announced a landmark investment of $155.2 million in Henry County, Virginia, marking the county’s largest single business investment to date. This strategic move involves constructing a 360,000-square-foot extension to Press Glass’s current facility, significantly bolstering their U.S. operations and manufacturing capacity for the commercial construction sector, and generating 335 new jobs.

Press Glass’s President Maciej Migalski acknowledged the expansion as pivotal for enhancing product availability and fortifying their U.S. market presence, ultimately transforming the Ridgeway facility into one of America’s foremost architectural glass processing centers. Local leaders reciprocated this sentiment, highlighting the expansion’s testament to the community’s robust manufacturing infrastructure and skilled labor force.

Facilitated by cooperative efforts between state and local economic entities, including a significant $2 million grant from the state, the venture underscores Virginia’s attractive business environment for international companies, marked by solid infrastructure, a skilled labor pool, and a supportive administrative landscape.

This strategic investment further strengthens Southern Virginia’s ongoing economic resurgence, reflecting the broader revival of manufacturing within the Commonwealth.

Graphics ©: VEDP + Press Glass Group

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