International Yeast Products Manufacturer Leiber to Establish First U.S. Operation in Virginia

Further strengthening Virginia’s agri-business sector, international yeast products leader Leiber is set to invest up to $20 million for its first U.S. facility in Rockingham County’s Innovation Village.
This project highlights Virginia as a top choice for international manufacturers eyeing U.S. expansion.

This strategic establishment in the Shenandoah Valley leverages the area’s rich agricultural resources, thriving food and beverage industry, prime location, and a skilled workforce.  

Established in 1954 in Bramsche, Germany, Leiber specializes in transforming brewers’ yeast into innovative human and animal products. Through in-house research, the company devises customized solutions in nutrition, biotechnology, and agriculture.   Globally connected, Leiber collaborates with breweries for yeast upcycling, runs five facilities across three countries, and serves over 65 nations.

Leiber is set to create 35 new jobs with its investment in Virginia and anticipates this facility to significantly contribute to the local and international agricultural business landscape.

Photo: Leiber GmbH, Germany

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