New York’s Green CHIPS incentives are the nation’s most ambitious semiconductor industry attraction program

November 2022: “By passing Green CHIPS, the Empire State has shown that we are ready to do our part to address the national semiconductor chip shortage, and that we can balance economic opportunity with environmental sustainability” addressed Governor Kathy Hochul.

With up to $10 billion in economic incentives for environmentally friendly “Green CHIPS” semiconductor manufacturing and supply chain projects—alongside a host of shovel-ready sites, cutting-edge R&D infrastructure and a talented workforce—New York State offers the semiconductor industry the nation’s most compelling advantages for doing business here.  New York State is leading by offering a State-level, companion incentive to the forthcoming federal CHIPS incentives. The recently passed Green CHIPS legislation will reduce the cost of constructing and operating chip manufacturing plants. This new transformative program will help attract thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to cement New York as the nation’s leader in the domestic reshoring of semiconductor manufacturing—all while helping address supply chain shortages, inflation and national security.

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