U.S. Expansion of Croda Lipid Systems Capability In Lamar, PA

05/2023: British Croda Plc expands their Pennsylvania Lamar plant, investing $125m and in 50 new jobs. Croda PA will be manufacturing the delivery mediums for the Pfizer Covid vaccines in America.  Croda’s Pharma business is a leading partner in the development of delivery systems for biologics.

Yorkshire based Croda International Plc uses smart science to create high performance ingredients and technologies, announced it has entered into a cooperative agreement with the U.S. government in which the government will provide up to $75 million to expand the company’s U.S. manufacturing capacity of ingredients for lipid systems used in novel therapeutic drugs, such as mRNA vaccines. In line with the company’s strategy to ‘Empower Biologics Delivery,’ Croda will also invest up to $58 million, bringing the total project investment to up to $133 million.

This company decision follows also the PA Secretary for Economic Development’s visit to Yorkshire and the extensive assistance from PA’s Office of International Business Development to secure the necessary environmental approvals and permitting.  The investment will be used to establish a new lipid facility as part of a new multi-purpose cGMP* site in Lamar, PA. Construction is expected to start later this year, with the new capacity anticipated in 2025.  The new facility is part of a program to expand the U.S. industrial base supporting critical vaccine and therapeutic manufacturing activities. The facility at Lamar will support U.S. preparedness for future health emergencies, by ensuring enough capacity is available in the U.S. to produce the necessary components for vaccine manufacture.  Given the scale of the current clinical development pipeline, the market for lipid systems is expected to grow significantly over the next ten years. 

Daniele Piergentili, President of Croda Life Sciences said: “We are grateful to the Federal U.S. and Pennsylvania’s government for its support of Croda. …. As a result of this investment, Croda will be able to expand its capabilities to develop and manufacture ingredients in support of this important technology.”

Photo: 2023 © CODA plc, UK

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