Kentucky Cabinet of Economic Development visits VITRONIC World Headquarters in Germany

6/2023: Secretary Jeff Noel, Commissioner Kristina Slattery, and members of Kentucky’s European Representative Office visited in May 2023 VITRONIC Machine Vision’s global headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany.  VITRONIC’s growing North American operations were a focus of discussions during the visit with members of VITRONIC’s North American and Global leadership teams.

The KY Cabinet of Economic Development (CED) team spent their time at VITRONIC touring the production facility and learning more about the logistics, automotive, EV battery, solar, and smart traffic technologies that are engineered and manufactured by VITRONIC in Germany. The group also discussed the continued growth and expansion of the North American headquarters in Louisville, KY.  “VITRONIC North America is looking to further increase the operations and regional headquarters in Louisville, KY beyond the 50% we added in 2022. Building strategic relationships with the State of Kentucky is important as we continue to grow our North American operations and expand our Louisville headquarters.” states Kjell Lyngstad VITRONIC North America President & CEO.

Following the visit to VITRONIC, the Kentucky State delegation visited the Battery Show 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany to evaluate the growing EV battery marketplace and its growing production presence in Kentucky.

Group portrait of Cabinet for Economic Development Kentucky (USA) with VITRONIC management (f.l.t.r. Kjell Lyngstad, Finn Weisse (USA Delegation), Victor Ehrnrooth (USA Delegation), Jeff Noel (Secretary / Minister), Heiko Frohn, Richard Middleman, Kristina Slattery (Commissioner), John Yalda.


Photo: © 2023 Vitronic Group, Germany

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